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A rage room is exactly what it sounds like, a room you rage out in. The idea here is to have a safe and controlled environment where it is okay to smash and break things while not getting in trouble for it or having to clean up after yourself when you are done. Not only is it a great form of stress relief therapy, but it is also a super fun time! We also offer Target Paint Ball and VR Oculus packages: all within the theme of having fun while releasing stress.


About Orlando Franchise Owner 


Imari has a background in marriage and family therapy, working with individuals ranging from children to adulthood. Imari opened this business franchise because it was created based on what she believes is an essential need in the community. Many of the clients that Imari worked with dealt with lots of stress and anger. In most cases individuals had no way to release anger, which ultimately ended in bad decision making. Anger Management Rage Room is a solution to that, providing a safe avenue to release anger and avoid bottling up emotions leading to bad decisions.

We are here for you, our customers. So please do not hesitate to call our business and ask more about our services or even provide us with constructive feedback.

We will see you soon!!!

 Rage Room Orlando


4065 LB McLeod Rd, Suite G
Orlando, FL 32811

Business Hours:

Monday-Thursday: 5pm-9pm

Friday: 2pm-10pm

Saturday: 12pm-10pm

Sunday: 3pm-8pm

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