Solo & Duo Smash Packages

You may add extra participants at checkout to any package (extra breakables will be included) for $30 per participant.

Prices not including FL sales tax. 

  • B.Y.O.B. - Solo

    $35|15 min

    Bring your own box of breakables. Sometimes it is necessary to purge some of your own belongings and bust em up! You have 15 minutes to smash at will!

  • B.Y.O.B - Smash Bros

    $50|20 min

    Bring (2) boxes of your own breakables. Whether it's stuff you are sick of or it holds a special place for breaking in your heart, bring it in! You get 15 minutes to smash! Up to 2 people included.

  • Bottle Room

    $40|15 min

    You get 30 nearly indestructible wine/liquor bottles (you'll see what we mean) for your smashing pleasure. Solo smash -- 1 person included.

  • Bottle Room Bonanza

    $60|20 min

    The same amazing tough to break bottles but now

    there are 60 of

    them to destroy!

    Up to 2 people included.

  • Smash Sesh

    $70|20 min

    25 glass/ceramic breakables,

    10 small items and 1 electronic. Items depend on current store inventory. Up to 2 people included.

  • Tenacious Annihilation

    $110|25 min

    35 glass/ceramic breakables, 15 small items, 1 TV or printer and 1 large item. Items depend on current store inventory. Up to 2 people included.

  • Birthday for Two

    $135|45 min

    35 glass/ceramic breakables, 15 small items, 1 electronic, 1 medium item and 1 special birthday item surprise! Items depend on current store inventory. Cake, balloons and drinks are provided.

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